Dome Dwellers

This lively, all parts separate but equal, three-piece is making music that is danceable, progressive, and infectiously unique. Songwriter Michel J. Slack brings sharp guitar licks surrounded by edgy affected rhythm, and delayed loops. Cullen Dean supplies a healthy dose of tonal, sometimes funky, breakdowns on the bass. When you take these two separate pieces and mix in David Gore’s simple set of syncopated fills and solid steady drum grooves you have a sound that is even and well-rounded.

Dome Dwellers

What’s really special about this group is that while the original music and lyrics are written by Slack, none of the members feel any restriction on what they should or shouldn’t be adding to their sound. This makes each of their parts very distinct. However they have no trouble melding those unique parts into something that is neatly cohesive.  Because of this, the band’s genre is hard to pinpoint. The style of a show for Dome Dwellers can range from harder punk, to southern rock, and even lighter indie rock, but they still manage to fit in perfectly.

 The band’s first demo can be heard or downloaded at a name your own price on their bandcamp website. “We basically made these tracks to hear what we sounded like” says Dean about the demos. Their recordings have such great raw vibes that give you a precise impression of what their live shows are like. On stage the boys are lively and engaging, screaming and dancing though breakdowns, and occasionally rapping, they have fun and so does the audience. “Crazy Talk” is a great example of how the band builds their sound from the ground up, changing and moving around the open space that the song creates. It is also the perfect mix of the many feels and sounds that the band can encompass.

Dome Dwellers’ schedule is consistently full, they can be seen up to two or three times a week in Denton at local venues and house shows. They make the occasional trip to Austin  as well, and are currently shopping around to record their first full length album.


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