“Underneath” by Señor Fin


              Released in early January of this year Señor Fin’s debut album “Underneath” is a leap and a bound in the right direction for this group of young artists. Due to their recent success in the local Denton music scene, and their hardworking attitude Señor Fin has mashed up a top-notch live set consisting of newer material, and songs that have morphed over the years from singer-songwriter Jesse Miller’s early start in high school. Long time middle and high school buddies Jesse Miller and Jesse Botello formed the first version of Señor Fin in early 2010. In the following months Percussionist Mason Lynass and multi-instrumentalist Ronan Delisle joined up to make this four-piece rock band what it is today.Señor Fîn

            First off the cohesiveness of this group, despite their ever-changing melodies, breaks, and toe tapping rhythms, is a feat in and of itself. Talented and technical as the band is, audience members at their lively shows can’t help but want to sing along, or dance. All of this together with tight vocal harmonies throughout makes Señor Fin’s live performances excitable and surprising. The band’s obvious, and some not so obvious, influences include The Beatles, The Dirty Projectors, St. Vincent, White Denim, as well as a lot of new and old jazz music, classical music, R&B, hip-hop, and soul.

“Underneath” the band’s first full length album took just over a year to record. With the help of friend and musician Sam Coronado and former Denonite Paul Whitney the album was recorded, produced, and mastered locally. From the lively, feel-good “Song to Fight the Beast’s” to the infectious and hard rocking “Stone Soup” and down to the heartwarming “Try to Find Jesus”: this album is a complex work spanning genres and moods.

Señor Fin has enjoyed fast and widespread success in the Denton community, performing at private house shows and public venues alike. Since the release of their album the group has been as busy as ever, filling their schedule with more crowded and vivacious house shows and mini-tours to the DFW, Waco, and Austin Areas.

“Underneath” is available at a name-your-own price directly from the Señor Fin website, as well as on iTunes and Spotify.

Señor Fin is scheduled to appear next at The Prophet Bar in Dallas on Feb. 6th